Soulshine 2018 Bumper Sticker by Bean Spence Art

Howdy folks!

​​Soulshine Farm Music Festival, in it’s 5th year, is one of Western North Carolina's best summer music festivals around. A heart-warming, kind gathering of love featuring 3 days of local and regional bluegrass, blues and funk music on our three stages, mountain air and starry nights, challenging hikes and mineral-rich Toe River frolicking. Located in WNC in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the quartz laden, magical land of Soulshine Farm, Green Mountain, NC. We welcome you to explore over 100 acres, from the camping areas in the Pines, and the Meditation Rock in the Mystic Grove camping area to the mountain laurels that line the ‘Round the Horn trail. Take part in some unique and educational Soul-Shops for all-ages, witness talented Live Visual Artists as they create their art at every stage and see their work displayed in the Art Barn, and join in on Lil Shiners Kid's activities thru out the weekend, in so becoming a member of the growing Soulshine Community. Please bring the family! We encourage family friendly camping, pickin’ circles, and positive communal attitudes. Come getcha Soul Shined!! WELCOME!!​ Peace, love and light !

August 9-11, 2018

Soulshine is located in Green Mountain, NC, about 15 minutes north of the town of Burnsville, NC. Both in Yancey County, Western North Carolina. Yancey Co has some of the most creative and talented people around, gorgeous waterfalls, clean rivers, awesome hiking trails, and is home to 6 of the 10 highest peaks in Eastern US.

Thanks to we can all find out just what to do while in the area. Be it shopping, eating, exploring, staying or what events are coming up next...say like Soulshine Farm Music Festival. features all that Yancey Co. has to offer visitors wanting to know more about our area. Welcome to Yancey County!

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5th Annual Soulshine Farm Music Festival ~WNC music campout festival