~~I say let's slow down, back space, unplug, and take a minute to appreciate the simplicity of that definition of festival. Soulshine is a festival for our community. By our community. We are run by volunteers with a vision. One vision. We are a family and we see a festival we belong to. We are part of something bigger. We don't see a job or a business. We aren't doing this for the money. We see a perennial gathering of mountain folk enjoying the mountain ways. The new and the old ways with the soundtrack to match. We want to sing, pick, dance, and maybe howl at the moon a little. We want to share with each other and learn something not quite yet forgotten. We want to remember that feeling of love and community. It's inside all of us just begging to be let out. I see so many good people retracting their love and building walls to keep the fear at bay. Tear down the walls. Be. Just be you. We love you. We mean it.

~~Wow that sounds great. I don't see too many shows like that out there anymore. In our rush to have the biggest bands playing 24 hours a day on 24 stages something gets lost. Somehow it goes too far. I'm not saying those shows can't be fun but are they festivals?

~~We LOVE festivals. What is a festival anyway? In a very "social media" move I looked up the word festival up on Wikipedia. "A festival or gala is an event ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the Festival".

"We love music and people!"